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Travel Trends for 2023

With 2022 coming to a near close (eek), it’s time to start looking ahead and planning for the upcoming year. Given that the talk of the technology revolution is no longer a hypothetical concept, the next 12 months are expecting to see a continual change with technology being at the forefront of upcoming travel trends.

The world used to predict technology’s impact on travel in an entirely physical way, visualising ever bigger and faster modes of transport. The future is now here, and it looks very different… It is an incredibly exciting time for the industry.

Post-pandemic travel has seen a boom within the industry, with people opting to travel where they can and can't - that feeling of having freedom again sure does feel good, right?! With the mood shifting and the growing expectations of having unforgettable experiences, it comes as no surprise that over 73% of global travellers feel more optimistic for 2023, and 43% planning on making up for missed travel opportunities that have occurred from the past couple of years.

Traveler seated in airport departure area with suitcase, watching airplane takeoff through window.

Cultural Fix

Forget the usual favourites, travellers are seeking unique holidays to not only delight them but fill them with surprises on their trip. 40% of travellers are looking for a complete cultural shock for 2023 with many wanting to get out of their comfort zone. Not only do travellers want to experience new cities, but the rise for discovering hidden gems is increasing by almost 30% for next year alone. Gone are the days of following the herd, going places you've seen someone you follow on Instagram go, 2023 is all about paving your way, discovering new places and making the most of what is out there.

Off-grid & Wellness

Over 50% of travellers are looking to experience off-grid trips. Travellers are no longer looking to experience the same as everyone else, they want to escape the norm of everyday reality, with 40% also looking to fully immerse themselves in local culture. Not only are travellers looking to partake in more off-grid trips, but whilst doing so, they are looking to focus on taking care of themselves with up to 44% considering their mental health within their getaways for 2023. Worldwide, travel is set to take mind, body and soul into 2023.


Having previously identified the increase in bleisure trips (thank you remote working), it comes as no surprise that travellers are looking to explore the opportunity of work trips - but without the actual work. Whilst 51% of workers would consider, and are hoping for an increase in corporate travel, they would prefer using this as an opportunity for a corporate retreat. Almost half are not interested in working while away but would consider clocking in for a company retreat or trip. It is expected that 2023 will see a rise in destination business travel where companies will focus on strengthening relationships within the workforce and focus on corporate recreation rather than work.

Tech Savvy

43% of travellers are turning to technology when it comes to planning and researching for trips. Whilst topics like virtual reality and the metaverse once used to be considered more of a niche, they are now becoming increasingly mainstream, with almost 50% of travellers wanting to incorporate virtual destinations in their planning process. On top of that, 40% of the travel industry is already incorporating technology within this space, with the consumer demand for digital services across the tourism sector only growing.


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