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The digital transformation of the travel industry

One of the first industries to digitalise business procedures on a global scale was tourism, pioneering the online booking of hotels and flights. Since then, the industry has seen a substantial transition as a result of digital technology. Destinations, business ecosystems, and tourism-related firms have all undergone significant changes.

Tourism was a persistent early user of new technologies and platforms as information and communications technology became a global phenomenon. With modern e-commerce platforms, the travel industry has reportedly taken 40% of the total global travel market digital, with that number only increasing.

Digitalization is expected to continue propelling the travel experience on its trajectory towards becoming more seamless, frictionless, and high quality.

The future of travel is technological, and as the sector becomes more digitalised, it will not only enhance the guest experience but also generate several jobs. In fact, the growing impact of the digital transformation in tourism will represent 1 in every 10 jobs worldwide, creating a mass of opportunities.

To maintain its competitiveness, growth, and sustainable development, the tourist industry must innovate and create new business prospects. What part are you playing?


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