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The Alan

Manchester, UK

Obvlo has enabled us to have a much more in-depth and detailed look at what our guests are looking to do here in Manchester, enabling us to improve our guest journey at the hotel level."

- Andrew Creese, General Manager



The Alan is a design-led, creatively charged, unique 6-storey hotel in the centre of Manchester with an open plan kitchen, bar and restaurant.


The Alan is one of Manchester's leading hotels and is led with a modern outlook. Faced with the global challenge of staff shortages and recruitment of non-local team members, The Alan was looking for a cost-effective solution to help guests settle in and enjoy their time in Manchester. However, leadership did not want to add the cost of a physical concierge to their payroll.


Obvlo was implemented to provide a digital concierge, so that personalised local recommendations could be offered to each guest without physical staff being present to do so. Not only was The Alan able to offer this service without staff, but the personalisation offered through Obvlo meant that the recommendations were more tailored to each guest than a person could have done themselves, leading to high level of engagement from guests.


  • Digital Concierge service has been 26x lower cost than employing physical concierge

  • Guests spend on average 5 minutes engaging with the platform each time

Digital Concierge.

Local recommendations for guests with no IT involvement.

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