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Market Street Hotel

Edinburgh, UK

Not only are we able to provide our guests with a seamless, hands-on experience whilst freeing up internal resources, but from this, we also gather valuable insights into our guests."

- Fiona Watson, Head of Marketing



Old Town character meets contemporary design at Edinburgh’s newest urban escape and Scotland’s first member of Design Hotels™.


Market Street Hotel strives to help their guests ‘live like a local’ and ‘carve their own path’ in a city that has something for everyone. It’s a big task with massive upside so the management required a solution to support the hotel reception, many of whom are not from Edinburgh and don’t know the city well.


Obvlo was brought on by Market Street Hotel to eliminate negative experiences as much as to create positive ones. That means removing the possibility for a junior, non-local member of staff to give a sub-par recommendation to a guest. Each and every guest is unique and there are a million ways to experience the city depending on who you are with and what your interests are, let alone factors like weather and season. Obvlo enables Market Street Hotel to cater for all of these possibilities.


  • 6,000 guests have been served by the platform in 2023

  • Guests use the platform twice during their stay on average

Digital Concierge.

Local recommendations for guests with no IT involvement.

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