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Kimpton Clocktower

Manchester, UK

Obvlo not only simplifies our work, but enriches it.  Our guests personalise their experience at the Kimpton Clocktower in Manchester by accessing the platform through QR codes on their TV. This is incredibly helpful for both us and them."

- Francesco Di Trapani, Head Concierge



Kimpton Clocktower brings Industrial Glamour to the Heart of Manchester with Victorian architecture and a fresh approach to hospitality.


The Kimpton Clocktower is well known for its incredible setting and first-class service provided by a dedicated concierge team. The hotel wanted to make sure they could provide personalised advice to every single guest, supporting the team, but knew it was impossible to learn the needs and wants of every single guest.


Obvlo AI-driven personalisation enabled Kimpton to offer personalised recommendations to each guest based on data like why they’re in town, their interests, who they are with and more. The data also allows the concierge team to understand the needs of their guests and what they want from each stay.


  • 10x More Data Captured Per Guest

  • 100% Guest Satisfaction Score

Digital Concierge.

Local recommendations for guests with no IT involvement.

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