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Forty Seven

Manchester, UK

I am delighted to be collaborating with Obvlo to share hints and tips of what to see, do and enjoy in our area. What stands out to me is the real-time content, meaning we are never giving our guests out-of-date information. The branding and set-up has been a breeze and I am confident in recommending the platform to our guests.

- Ryan Thompson, General Manager



Recently launched, Forty Seven is Manchester’s latest boutique hotel, offering intelligent luxury for those who appreciate both statement and style.


Soon after launch, the team at Forty Seven knew that they had to develop a content strategy to inspire travellers to book and enhance their stay in Manchester once they arrive. The team had fantastic ideas, utilising the brand to evoke how to spend ‘forty seven hours in Manchester’, but creating and maintaining content would be a time intensive challenge.


Obvlo ‘eliminated an ongoing task’ for the Forty Seven team by instantly giving them access to dynamic content that shows the right experience to the right guest at the right time. In addition, Obvlo created bespoke content and guides, building on the teams own creative ideas. All the content and guides built by Obvlo are dynamically maintained using AI, meaning they stay up to date and refreshed on a daily basis. For example if a restaurant shuts down, it is removed and at Christmas time, festive guides appear.


  • Forty Seven were set-up with dynamic destination content in under a day

  • Engagement with Obvlo’s dynamic content is 4x greater than static website guides

Digital Concierge.

Local recommendations for guests with no IT involvement.

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