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The Best Coffee Shops in Glasgow

Coffee is big in Glasgow. With annual coffee festivals and research suggesting that coffee is brewed stronger in Glasgow than in Italy, new artisan coffee shops are opening all the time to complement an already excellent selection of coffee shops across the city. So whether you are a coffee geek or just seeking somewhere more exciting than a chain, here are some of Foodie Explorers’ top coffee shops to visit when in Glasgow.

Laboratorio Espresso, 93 West Nile Street, Glasgow

Laboratorio Espresso was one of the first serious coffee shops to open in Glasgow. They are all about the science of coffee, with a rotation of beans supplied by roasters from around the world, including The Barn and Bonanza in Berlin. Alongside the coffee there are also delicious sandwiches and cannoli supplied by the wonderful Eusebi Deli. Served in a small modern, contemporary espresso bar, limited seating is available so most custom is for takeaway. You’ll find them in Glasgow City Centre on West Nile Street, a short walk from both Central and Queen Street train stations and near Buchanan bus station too.

It All Started Here, 75 Deanston Drive, Glasgow

Starting as a pop-up and now a fully fledged resident of Shawlands, It All Started Here have thankfully not stopped! They have a dinky coffee shop hidden away from the main shopping street (Kilmarnock Road) where they serve up some of the best coffee in the south side with great cakes too. This is another multi-roaster coffee shop, so you’ll soon become a regular to try out the different blends available.

Meadow Road Coffee, 579 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

A bit bigger than our previous suggestions but still pretty small is Meadow Road at the Thornwood end of Partick in the west end. Although the entrance is actually on Dumbarton Road, it is at the corner of the namesake road – to think that once upon a time there was a meadow nearby and inside, there’s lots of wood evoking a rustic feel. Seating is provided by stools so it’s a place to perch and munch. The food in addition to the coffee is excellent and they also sell vegan goodies, including a vegan Scotch Pie. We’re not sure how well a Scotch Pie goes with a coffee but we’ll give it a go next time we visit!

Toro, 1484 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow

Travelling south side again, this time to Pollokshaws, Toro are named after the Spanish word for bull and their logo is the ‘sign of the horns’ heavy metal hand gesture Exceptional coffee, above average banter is their tagline. I agree about the coffee but check out their Instagram account to see if you agree with the banter comment. Again, quite a small space but this time with proper seating and some pallet-ised furniture, they are currently operating as a takeaway through a hatch only but should hopefully be allowing indoor seating again soon. Superb coffee is on rotation, alongside tasty goodies from the likes of Freedom Bakery – just make sure you get in early to grab them as they sell out fast.

Tibo, 443 Duke Street, Glasgow

Moving eastwards now, Tibo have been one of the instigators of the rise of Dennistoun to become the ‘eighth coolest neighbourhood in the world’ according to Time Out magazine and they are still going strong. Not only is it a coffee shop, it’s a wine bar and bistro as well. Grab a seat, start with coffee and cake then move onto food and wine, and watch the life of Duke Street unfold around you.

Gordon Street Coffee, Glasgow Central Station, 79 Gordon Street, Glasgow

Leaving or travelling through Glasgow Central Railway Station without a visit to Gordon Street Coffee is a very hard thing to do. Not only do they roast their own coffee, you won’t miss the smell when its roasting day, but they also serve superb filled rolls. Buy a bag of coffee as well to top up your coffee fix at home.

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