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Three things hotel managers should know about personalisation

Personalisation is the biggest trend in travel right now, and no good hotel manager would be not thinking about it. The growth of personalisation is so important because it is a win-win. Guests are coming to expect it from brands that they buy from, and companies are seeing a direct impact on revenue and loyalty. So why would you not be thinking of ways to implement it?

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Before implementing personalisation throughout a hotel or any other business, there are a number of things worth knowing. Here are the three most important things any hotel GM should know on the subject:

1. Personalisation is not just about knowing your guests' names.

We're all used to personalised marketing by now, and a welcome email addressed to the guest by name is unlikely to impress anybody these days. We must go beyond the basics. Personalisation is about understanding your guest's needs and providing them with a tailored experience that suits them on an individual level. This could include things like offering them their favourite pillow type, upgrades, or suggesting activities and places to go during their stay.

2. Personalisation can be done at every touchpoint of the guest journey.

From the moment they start researching your hotel online, to when they check out and even beyond. By personalising each interaction with the guest, you can create a more memorable and enjoyable experience that is likely to result in loyalty, positive reviews, and recommendations to friends and family. At the start of the journey, when the guest is researching the hotel, giving them access to local information based on their reason for travel and group type will make them more likely to book your property. After their stay, personalised follow-ups and offers will increase the chance of them returning.

3. Personalisation can be done with technology, but it doesn't have to be.

A common misconception is that personalisation involves technology, but there are many ways to personalise the guest experience the old-fashioned way. For example, your staff should be trained to read guests and pick up on hints that may indicate their preferences, as well as learn about regular guests from everyday interactions. We recently shared an article from a conversation with luxury hotel training and development consultant Arlene Spencer who shared examples of this, which you can read here.

At Obvlo, we are obsessed with personalised guest experience and the value this can bring to both hotels and guests. We believe that good trips are where you 'live like a local', and the best hosts are the ones that make that possible. We view data-driven personalisation as the key, and guest-centric hosts as the change makers.


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