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Obvlo Picks: Our go-to Restaurants

We know what you’ve all been thinking and yes, we’ve renewed our gym memberships since launching Oblvo. We’re obviously obligated to try and test the restaurants, it’s just part of the job! Everyone’s got those couple takeaways that we just can’t get enough of, so we thought we’d share with you some of our top staff picks. If they’re on the list, you can be assured they are 100% worth it!

We can’t wait to hear what you think and hear about some of your favourites!

#1 East Pizza

CALLUM’S PICK Edinburgh – I lived for a number of years in Morningside and was drawn to @eastpizzas approach to using locally sourced produce – they are great!

#2 Ho’s Chinese

CLARA’S PICK Glasgow ‑ @hoschinese is my favourite Chinese takeaway of all time. I’ll blame @chriseatsglasgow for introducing me to them and making me dream about their wontons and katsu chicken chow mien ever since!

#3 Pizza Geeks

STUART’S PICK Edinburgh ‑ @pizza_geeks The Chorizard. Black pudding, chorizo and honey ‑ what more do you want for a pizza

#4 Eusebi Deli

REBEKAH’S PICK Glasgow – I first found out about Eusebi’s Deli after following @theglasgowdiet and seeing the impressive pasta dishes when I first moved to Glasgow! It is now my go‑to for everything; takeaway, breakfast, coffee, date‑night ‑ you name it. Give yesterday’s lasagne a try – you won’t regret it

#5 Luxford Burgers

CAMMY’S PICK Edinburgh ‑ You can’t go wrong with a Westworld Burger from @luxfordburgers with a Reese’s Milkshake on the side. Chef’s kiss

#6 MacTassos

CALLUM’S PICK Glasgow ‑ I’m often running around Glasgow for meetings and need lunch on the go, I can’t resist grabbing a gyros from @mactassos in Kelvingrove park!

#7 La Favorita

CLARA’S PICK Edinburgh ‑ My go‑to order at @lafavoritadeliverededinburgh is the Montanara Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, wild mushroom, Italian sausage and truffle oil. It’s to die for!

#8 Mana Poke

STUART’S PICK Edinburgh – @manapokebowls is 100% my‑go Saturday lunch. You genuinely just can’t beat it!

#9 Pickled Ginger

REBEKAH’S PICK Glasgow – I have been looking for my go‑to sushi restaurant for a while in Glasgow, so I was pretty excited when @pickledgingerfinnieston joined Secret Takeaways this month! A strong favourite of mine is the mixed sushi platter with a side of salmon ponzo – it is AMAZING

#10 Smiddy BBQ

CAMMY’S PICK Edinburgh ‑ It’s very rare to get such top‑quality BBQ food in the city, especially when it’s from those who are just as passionate about making it as I am about eating it! @smiddybbq have it all

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