• Callum

Glasgow Ambassador: @justjessfood top 5 restaurants

Updated: Apr 29

As you may know, @justjessfood is an extremely proud brand ambassador for us here at Obvlo, so what better way to share the love throughout the community than getting Jess to share her current top 5 takeaways on the app right now in Glasgow.

We are incredibly excited to be rapidly expanding throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh, so stay tuned as we bring more of your favourite restaurants across the platform for all takeaway lovers to enjoy!

p.s watch this space for more cities big things are coming to the app and website and we could not be happier to have Jess part of it along with @chriseatsglasgow and @plateexpectations, plus each and every one of you! ❤️

#1 Mactassos

With various locations now across Glasgow, the closest to me is at the Glasgow Fort as I discovered on Obvlo. I love @mactassos chicken gyros with a side of fries and of course a portion of their baklava.  It’s such great value for money and always super fresh. There might be a queue (understandable!) but you can pre‑order directly with them to save you some time!

#2 Mcfly’s Chicken

I first discovered @mcflyschicken at their stall at @dockyardsocial. That is where I instantly fell in love with their infamous soy wings. It wasn’t until I was scrolling on Obvlo last week that I noticed they now have their own restaurant open in the southside!I went straight there and was told to try their thai tuk tuk tenders aswell as my favourite soy wing and WOW….take my word for it! Superb

#3 Rafa’s Diner

locals and beyond. @rafasdiner just for a moment, transports you to street food heaven. A real taste of authenticity. Make sure you check out their specials as they have Birra Taco’s and Fish Tacos on offer across various days aswell as a great selection of Mexican drinks!

#4 Sprigg

The OG’s of the millennial salad bowl  When @wearesprigg first came to Glasgow, it was as if all of my office lunchtime dreams had came true. Their falafel balls will go down in history, and the potatoes….OH THE POTATOES  You can now pre‑order bowls or pick up a ready made one. They also do a bad ass lentil soup and great coffee

#5 Figos Peri Peri

I was sat in my southside hair salon last Saturday absolutely starving so I scanned through the secret takeaways app and discovered this absolute gem @figosperiperi.  My hairdresser was raving about it to me and said I need to try the double grilled chicken breast box with half and half rice and peri chips. Let me tell you, I was honestly mind blown  Such tender chicken, so fresh and hot and it trumps Nando’s one million times over! I’m so happy to have discovered this place as I will be having one of these every time I visit now