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Glasgow Ambassador: @chriseats top 5 restaurants

Updated: Apr 29

Who else lives for @chriseatsglasgow fabulous foodie recommendations?!

We could not be happier to have @chriseatsglasgow as an extremely proud Glasgow brand ambassador for us here at Secret Takeaways alongside @justjessfood.❤️ As if Chris’s drool worthy posts weren’t enough, we got Chris to share his current top 5 restaurants on Obvlo.

In the words of the food god himself ‑ “where I haven’t recommended chips you know the rule: always add chips (salt and chilli if poss)” ‑ here here to that.

#1 Ho’s Chinese

I’m kicking off with @hoschinese as I’m sure you’re all be aware that it’s one of my favourite spots in Glasgow! The food is on another level from other Chinese takeaways as far as I’m concerned, and Ricky and Pam who own and run it are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Also, the menu is bloody great! As well as the usual staples you’d expect, there’s usually a ‘special’ wonton on offer (cheese & onion was a real crowd pleaser) as well as dishes like black pudding spring rolls and salt and pepper mozzarella sticks or jalapeño bites. Believe me when I say this is worth the trip to Knightswood for.

Must order: Malaysian Chicken Satay Recommended: Salt and Pepper Mozzarella Sticks; Chicken Katsu Chow Mein.

#2 McFly’s Chicken

Next up (and these aren’t in any order btw) is @mcflyschicken who popped up during lockdown and since then have went on to be a regular part of the Dockyard Social lineup as well as opening their own place in the southside. I also love that their collection service is called Cluck & Collect!

I went down to check out the new place when it opened earlier this year and as well as looking great, the food was seriously good! The dishes are packed with flavour and definitely worth checking out if you love fried chicken even half as much as I do!

Must order: K‑Town Burger Recommended: Smokey Tamarind Tenders; Little Ace Cob.

#3 Saffron by Paradise

I’m always amazed by the amount of people who haven’t heard of @saffronbyparadiseglasgow (formerly just Paradise) on Great Western Road. But once they try it, I’ve yet to find anyone who hasn’t loved it. I went here for my birthday a few years back (pre‑Covid) and was blown away by the food which has only improved since then in my opinion.

They added some street food options during lockdown which has just upped the whole experience to another level! I always recommend their mixed grill for two but if you’re ordering for one then their lamb shawarma is also fantastic.

Must order: Mixed Grill (for two) Recommended: Sticky, Spicy Aubergine; Diced Potatoes with Feta.

#4 Kimchi Cult

@kimchicult may be one of the smallest restaurants in Glasgow but their food packs a massive punch! Personally, I think they have a genuine claim to having the best chicken wings in Glasgow (and I don’t say that lightly) as well as some pretty epic loaded fries.

I actually reviewed here (back when I did that kinda thing) when I started this page, which was over 4 years ago now! And I only recently made it back which I class as crimina on my part. Don’t make the same mistake as me and check it out!

Must order: Gochujang Glazed Chicken Wings Recommended: Bulgogi Beef Fries

#5 Dumpling Monkey

Last, but in no way least, is the always delicious @dumpling_monkey which may have one of the most expansive menus I’ve encountered in Glasgow. I’ve ordered a lot of dishes from here without making a dent in that menu and every dish has always been top notch!

There’s a reason that Dumpling Monkey has been a Partick staple for as long as I can remember and is always packed! It’s bloody great food. Do yourself a favour, head down and grab some top scran and thank me later.

Must order: General Tso’s Chicken Recommended: Dan Dan Noodles; Salt and Pepper Aubergine.