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Product Update: Introducing Global Coverage

This update is a big one! We've made a giant leap towards our vision of establishing ‘local knowledge on a global scale’ and the opportunity created is huge..

We are now able to offer fully automated local guides. The creation and updates of personalised local guides, itineraries and recommendations for any destination on the planet which is embeddable to any digital platform.

Of course, where global scale is not a requirement, our curation team's own input and QA process is very hands-on and bespoke content is always included.

🌍 Introducing Global Coverage

This milestone has involved constant iteration on several automated components to create hyper-local and neighbourhood-level guides that contain rich, visual destination content.

Without giving too much away (😉) these steps include:

  1. Verifying basic details like opening hours and locations

  2. Validating ratings and selecting high-rated places

  3. AI Generation

    1. Listing descriptions created

    2. Personalisation attributes created

    3. Categories and cuisine attributes created

    4. Guide descriptions and images created

  4. AI-evaluation

    1. Images and the highest-rated selected

These product images show guides for Savannah, Georgia which were created without any human involvement. This process can be completed in real time from a web-hook request for specific geographical parameters. and personalised for the end user.

There are endless eventualities to personalise for your customer, whether they're a family visiting in winter while it's pouring with rain or a couple looking for a morning brunch spot. Everyone deserves a unique experience.

📱 Embeddable Content

More on this in our next update but as a teaser; our API and embeddable web component (widget) means that we are also now supplying dynamic destination content for integration to your own digital products, like websites or apps.

Rich and visual content such as local area guides and itineraries, for hundreds of different profiles of traveller, anywhere in the world.

Embedding dynamic destination content into your digital platforms completely removes your content creation and maintenance costs while increasing engagement - by as much as 4x. Content creation and updates is an area that marketing leaders in travel have highlighted as a major pain point, while the personalisation opportunities from AI are being recognised as a major opportunity.

Get in touch for a live demo - pick a destination and we'll show you what to do there.



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