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Product Update: Embeddable Widget

With the release of our embeddable widget, generic, static neighbourhood guides can become a thing of the past. Highly engaging, personalised and dynamically maintained content is the future.

📲 Embeddable Content Widget

Our embeddable widget, announced last month, easily removes the need for hotel and travel marketers to create and maintain content on their websites and apps. Not only that, but the dynamic and personalised nature of the content displayed significantly boosts site engagement.

Ultimately, if you are driving traffic through paid and SEO channels to your website, but visitors are met with limited and often out-of-date content, this could be money down the drain and go on to harm your site ranking on search engines.

Our widget delivers in three primary ways:

  • 🖼️ More visual and engaging content on landing pages to increase engagement

  • 🤖 Dynamically maintained without human effort, staying up-to-date and functional

  • 📊 First-party data capture on website visitors to improve segmentation and targeting

See it for yourself 👇

It took the web developer for Velvet, a boutique hotel in Manchester, UK, less than one minute to install the widget on their neighbourhood page and personalise their website experience.

The widget replaced some static neighbourhood content that had been created and uploaded when the site was built and launched. Removing the need to produce and keep quality content up to date has relived a major pain point for the hotel and allowed their marketing team to focus on other areas.

You can watch a walk-through of their website here to see how it fits in and if you want to discuss dynamic content for your own site, get in touch!


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