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Obvlo Insights: Understanding the food preferences of UK guests.

The number one interest for guests visiting the UK this year is the local food scene. We've taken a closer look at this category to understand in more detail what travellers are looking for when they come to the UK.

Key Takeaways
  • 'Food scene' is the most important interest for most travellers to the UK.

  • 'British' cuisine is the most commonly explored, with 35% of guest interest.

  • A mid-range price point (££) is the most popular with 52% of guest interest in this range.

Based on our data so far in 2023, the most popular cuisine type that guests to UK hotels and vacation rentals are interested in is British, followed by European. This might come as a shock to some Brits, given our reputation, but our food is in high demand from our guests.

Other categories that are popular with UK residents like Indian and Italian feature highly as well, with 3% and 4% of guest interest respectively.

Going further, we have also looked at data on the price point that guests are willing to spend when travelling to the UK. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common price point for food venues visited by travellers in the UK is the mid-range, with 91.5% of guests interested in options within the ££ or £££ category. Both high-end and budget options are less popular, with 3.3% and 4.2% of interest respectively.

Hotel and travel brands using Obvlo to provide personalised recommendations to their guests benefit from a deeper understanding of who that guest is. This ranges from where they are from to what language they speak and what their interests are to even more granular factors like which cuisines are most popular with which demographics.

If you'd like to capture real-time insights on your customers or guests, to better reach and serve them, get in touch for a demo of our insights platform.



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