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Introducing... obvlo

Updated: May 3

TLDR: With the pandemic entering the rear view, we’re going further towards supporting restaurants and redefining the consumer/restaurant relationship for the new world.

We are unveiling in-app personalisation and an AI driven recommendations engine, designed to make discovering food as easy as discovering music.

Secret Takeaways is becoming… Obvlo. 🚀


As the world begins to move on from the pandemic, delivery is returning to around 8% of all restaurant sales. We’ve spent some time cooking up new ways to connect consumers and restaurants, making the most of our incredible team, technology and the knowledge we have built up over the last year.

Secret Takeaways didn’t start off as an app, it started as a shared Google sheet in March 2020, listing all of the local restaurants that had started to offer takeaway in order to survive the sudden closure forced by the pandemic. As we learned about the layers delivery apps put between restaurants and consumers, capturing commission as high as 30% and retaining the customer relationship, we felt something had to be done to give power back to owners. At this same time, we saw online direct to consumer restaurant sales growing, powered by the likes of Olo and Flipdish. We turned our passion project into a fully fledged discovery app, helping restaurants and takeaways to reclaim ownership of their customers.

Since launching in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester, we’ve learned the biggest reason people use Secret Takeaways is for discovery. People are always asking us what the ‘secret’ is, and most assume it’s the hidden gems they come across. As we come out of the pandemic, and restaurants increasingly tell us that they are focused on ‘bums on seats’, our product has evolved in the ways that it can support and enhance the industry. By not running a delivery fleet and staying out of the payment processing, we’ve been able to focus our efforts on developing an outstanding consumer app.

There are over one billion restaurant searches on Google every month, but users are not getting what they crave most from this wonderful market, personalisation. Today, we’re unveiling Obvlo. A Spotify style app that curates every restaurant in town for each individual. You can browse and discover, find multiple ways to book restaurants or order food, and save and share your favourites.

Obvlo uses AI to better understand your tastes through your personal preferences and analysis of the restaurants you are enjoying. This allows the app to curate a personalised feed of restaurants for you as an individual, helping you to find places to order takeout, delivery or book a table.

We can’t wait to be live in more cities around the world, so when you’re on holiday in Paris, you can find local restaurants based on what you've enjoyed elsewhere. This will open you up to new places and experiences that you may have missed before.

Our mission remains to unlock the restaurant market. We continue to support restaurant owners by partnering with them on a local level as a connected solution that drives marketing and operations whilst delivering unmatched engagement with consumers

We’re also breaking cover in Austin, Texas, where we’ve been growing our user base and developing our machine learning capabilities over the past few months, but more on that later… 🤠

Thanks for reading, updates to follow.


Team obvlo. April 2022