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How to enhance guest experience

From everyday to professional interactions, I'm sure we can all agree that personalisation can go a long way. A personalised guest experience not only makes us feel better about ourselves, but it can also lead to increased guest satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. As customers, we seek out companies that understand us, and who speak directly to us, as an individual. Personalisation is a key differentiator for businesses whilst being a common expectation among consumers.

Successful companies tailor their services to individuals, which is proven to enhance guest satisfaction. Many businesses will also analyse data insights from guests to inform communication and marketing strategies. Ultimately, the goal is to predict what guests want before they realise that they want it.


With a landscape more competitive than ever, creating unique and unforgettable moments is often what will set you apart from others, making it important to double down on the personalised guest experience. After all, aren't those the trips we remember the most? Guests are now looking for unique and more personalised experiences that make their trip feel special.

87% of consumers are more likely to do business with travel brands offering personalised experiences.

In a world where the vast majority of companies are focused on improving personalisation, companies that don’t prioritise creating a tailored experience run the risk of getting left behind.

Technology is an excellent tool for personalising guest experiences and creating digital touch points in place of face-to-face interactions. Digital technology should not equal a less personalised approach or a lesser guest experience. On the contrary, technology exists to assist the travel industry in elevating the guest experience.

Mobile phone displaying Obvlo's Digital Concierge, a virtual assistant, providing personalised recommendations. .


There are several opportunities to increase guest satisfaction that can be used to leave a lasting impression on guests while also providing opportunities for you, the owner. Personalisation can often be the barrier which transforms an ok trip into a great trip. Here's how it could help.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Staying ahead of the industry's evolving digital transformation can provide you with a strategic advantage over competitors. It is becoming increasingly important to embrace the rise of personalisation to foster growth and a cohesive company culture that takes advantage of digital acceleration. You want to be talked about, don't you?

Build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty can be one of the most difficult challenges brands face in an increasingly competitive industry. When a company gets personalisation right and it complements what its target audience is looking for, there is a huge opportunity for future customer loyalty and retention. Guests are more likely to return to establishments that understand their preferences and make them feel special.

70% of consumers say a company’s understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty.

Enhance brand awareness

Continuously improving guest experience can go a long way in boosting your brand image and reputation. If guests are satisfied, they are more likely to return and refer you to others, helping you gain not only returning customers but also new ones.

Remain relevant

In an increasingly digital world, guests expect services to go above and beyond the norm. Now is the time to incorporate a personalised digital overlay experience. Guests want simple, frictionless experiences that are specifically curated to them, and with Obvlo, you can give it to them.


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