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How Hotels Can Get The Benefits of AI Without Involving IT!

Travellers want to make the most of their trip, and they're looking for personalised recommendations from their host to help them do it.

Obvlo is a white-label platform that gives hotels the ability to provide guests with personalised local recommendations before and during their stay. Accessed through the browser on any device, Obvlo can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Obvlo uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human curation to create dynamic content that forms the basis of recommendations relevant to each guest's interests and needs. The platform covers a wide range of activities from restaurants and bars to museums, attractions, and free things to do with kids.

Content is organised into guides like 'date night ready' or 'best for brunch' to give guests a social-style browsing experience with a high level of engagement. Guests can browse recommendations by category, location, or price. They can also browse a map view, handy for late arrivals looking for a quick nightcap or bite to eat.

Not only is content personalised using AI, but it is also constantly refreshed and maintained. This means that if a restaurant changes its opening hours or a place goes out of business, it's removed from our dynamic database and won't be shown to your guests. Staff don't have to spend any time creating or maintaining content.

Of course, for hotels with their own F&B and non-room services, these can be distributed and placed in front of the right guest at the right time, increasing awareness of these services for the guest's benefit whilst driving direct revenue.

Most importantly for busy hotel teams, Obvlo is easy to set up and try out, requiring no IT involvement from the hotel at all. The platform is given to guests via a link in pre-arrival emails, through a hotel app or portal and even QR codes on collateral like keycard holders.

The benefits of Obvlo's AI personalised recommendations

  • 96% average guest satisfaction: Guests who use Obvlo are more likely to be satisfied with their stay. They appreciate the convenience of having personalised recommendations at their fingertips, and they're more likely to return to the hotel in the future.

  • Increased loyalty: Guests who use Obvlo view their entire trip through the hotel's brand and are more likely to become loyal customers. They're more likely to book their next stay at the hotel, and they're more likely to recommend the hotel to their friends and family.

  • Higher spending: Guests who use Obvlo are more likely to spend money at the hotel. They are not relying on TripAdvisor or other third parties to discover services that the hotel can offer them.

  • Reduced workload: Obvlo saves hundreds of hours a month for front-of-house teams and reduces queue times from guests looking for local information.

  • Targeted marketing: Data insights produced by Obvlo help hotels understand their actual guests. Data like where they're from, their interests and even price sensitivity can be used to create more refined audience segments in marketing activities.

Personalised experiences make customers feel valued and appreciated. It's the fastest-growing trend in travel and can't be missed. They feel like the company knows them and is taking the time to understand their needs. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Getting the benefits without IT involvement

Obvlo's hosted solution makes it quick and easy for hotels to get started. There is no need for any IT involvement, and the onboarding process takes no more than a couple of hours.

Once the onboarding process is complete, hotels can start using Obvlo immediately using the links provided. There is no risk involved, as Obvlo is a hosted solution and hotels do not need to make any changes to their own IT infrastructure.

Obvlo's hosted solution is priced on volume, so is a low-cost solution suitable for hotels and groups of all sizes.

This is what the typical onboarding process looks like:

  1. Hosted platform setup by Obvlo for each destination in the hotel's brand

  2. An onboarding call takes place with the hotel team to review and make any changes required

  3. Links provided for each distribution channel, such as pre-arrival emails, key card holder QR codes, etc.

  4. The hotel adds links to the relevant places and guests start benefiting immediately.

The entire onboarding process can be completed in just a few hours by the front-of-house manager and there is no need for any IT involvement. This makes it a quick and easy way for hotels to get started with AI to boost guest satisfaction and meet demands for a personalised experience.

To try Obvlo, get in touch for a free demo here.



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