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From 'Interests' to 'Spend Profile'; Build a Complete Picture of Your Guests

Obvlo's ability to personalise local advice for each guest stems from knowing both them and the city better than anybody else. This dynamic relationship leads to a value exchange of data and valuable insights that enable hotel teams to get to know their guests like never before. Using this data, hotel marketing teams can improve their return on ad spend (ROAS) through better targeting, optimise their own F&B and shape their messaging according to real-time market research.

In this post, we will share a few snapshots of our new and enhanced reporting capabilities, to give you a feel for the sort of information Obvlo empowers hotel and travel teams with.

Obvlo captures four primary forms of data; self-asserted, browser/ device and engagement level data. The combination of these forms creates insights which are sent back to hotel teams.

Obvlo's reporting format is broken down into three monthly reports:

  • Engagement - usage and satisfaction with recommendations

  • Behavioural - how are guests spending their time during their stay

  • Demographics - a complete picture of the make-up of guests in the hotel

As standard, this data is shared with teams using Obvlo as reports but can also be shared as raw data or via API. Our partners have the ability to connect this data to their CRM or CDP to unlock a whole new level of guest insight.

Below are 3 samples from these reports to give you a sense of the range of insights available.

Behavioural report highlighting the different preferences across activities for couples:

In our approach, we start by getting to know our guests a little better. We've crafted a unique system where we map each guest's interests to specific trait styles. Think Eating, Drinking, Sightseeing, and Activities. It's like piecing together a puzzle, where their chosen interests reveal their trait styles. This insight is our secret sauce in creating personalised experiences. It helps us design offers and recommendations that really hit the mark, making every guest's stay not just enjoyable, but truly memorable.

A breakdown of which types of travellers are coming on which day of the week:

Let's talk about understanding our guests' habits a bit more. With our platform, we can see which days they're most active. This lets us pinpoint when different types of travellers like to engage and with what. Our chart isn’t just a daily rundown; it's a weekly summary, Monday through Sunday, built from a month's worth of data. This gives you a clear picture of your guests' weekly patterns, helping you to better align with their needs.

An overview of the price sensitivity of guests over the past month:

Take a peek at our straightforward pie chart for insights into your guests' price sensitivity. Every listing on the Obvlo platform has a large number of attributes which help us understand those who engage with them. These attributes help us understand the guest based on what they've been browsing and interacting with. Our reports go beyond just the overall guest picture; they zoom in on each traveller type. This gives you a real sense of the price ranges your guests are comfortable with. This knowledge is invaluable for shaping your team's approach to offers, upselling, and making those spot-on recommendations that truly resonate with each guest.

Obvlo learns about each guest to give them a personalised experience and shape their entire trip without leaning on hotel resources to do so. Unlike wi-fi signup forms or surveys, Obvlo gives guests something unique in return; personalised recomendations. Guests are very willing to share their data because they appreciate what they get in return. By capturing this data, we can not only shape their stay but enhance their entire experience and bring them and people like them back through enhanced audience segmentation and targetted marketing initiatives.

To receive a sample of our guest insight reports, just get in touch.



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