• Callum

The Best Coffee Shops in Edinburgh

Updated: Apr 29

Edinburgh has so many incredible specialty coffee shops to offer, but after much deliberation, @coffeecrawler_ managed to narrow it down to 5 of her favourite places that are definitely worth checking out!

#1 The Drip

Whether you’re en route to the office or just in need of a quick coffee pick me up, then @thedrip is the takeaway spot for you! These guys really care about serving you the best specialty coffee, serving you there own blend by @mreion. They have two of the funkiest police boxes which you can find in Tollcross & Morningside. And if you need further convincing, they also sell the tastiest baked goods by @babyfacedbaker

#2 Cult Espresso

Tucked around the corner from the Meadows on Buccleuch Street (Newington) you’ll find yourself a hell of a coffee. @cultespresso serve they’re own roast as well as a range of guest roasts. It’s always a strong and smooth pour from these guys.

#3 Room & Rumours

I think @roomandrumours is such a gem of a place to have in the city centre. an aesthetically beautiful cafe, complete with pink cups and neon signs, you’ll be doing your Instagram a favour by visiting this place. But obviously you’re there for the coffee. Serving up coffee (currently @kissthehippo) with a side of freshly baked donuts and buns. In fact I might go as far as to say potentially the best buns in town!

#4 Little Fitzroy

I would be remiss if i didn’t mention @littlefitzroy. This place is not just a staple of Leith, but a staple of Edinburgh. They’re serving up indie vibes alongside their amazing coffee. They always have a range of interesting coffee roasters too from @thecoffeemanifesto to @girlswhogrindcoffee. To cut a long story short, get yourselves to Little Fitz, if you haven’t done so already. (Or if you’re on the west side of town you can check out @littlecallingwood at Haymarket)!

#5 William & Johnson

If you’re down by the shore then you’re going to @williams_and_johnson_coffee. They have a vast range of freshly roasted coffee. You’ll find them on custom lane where you can check out some cool collaborative design work or just soak in the views of the Water of Leith!