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5 Austin foodie creators to follow on TikTok

If you're looking for creators based in Austin to follow on TikTok for restaurant and takeout tips, look no further.

These 5 foodies are go-to's when you need to inspiration on what restaurants to eat next. One thing is for sure, these TikTok profiles will get you drooling.

Keep reading to take your Austin food experience to the next level. 👇


Mimi's always trying out new recipes and restaurants in Austin. As a young adult and Vietnamese-American, she found on TikTok a way for her to document recipes she has learned from her parents, other cooks and herself.


Austin Food Heads is definitely a creator that is worth following when it comes to finding the best eats in the Austin area. From brunch and taco spots to restaurant openings, you'll find seriously tasty food places to go on their TikTok.


Amanda is always trying out different cuisines and new restaurants. Luckily, she shares all her food adventures on TikTok - we're here for it. The Austin native foodie is an unstoppable content creator with strong communities on Instagram and TikTok.


We're actually obsessed with Jane Ko's AKA A Taste of Koko colorful profile. She's been blogging her way around Austin for over a decade and championing our local restaurants since then. Her amazing content on social media turned into a pocket-sized travel guidebook with some of the hottest restaurants and weekend getaways from Austin.


Rachel is a female entrepreneur sharing tasty food and incredible travel tips on @austinfoodstagram. Top tip: she's also mama to Townes and Waffles, and you'll find many cute photos of them on her Instagram.

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