we're on a mission to unlock the restaurant market.

Obvlo started life early in the pandemic as a list of restaurants offering takeout to survive. The 'Secret Takeaways' list was compiled to support the hospitality industry by connecting consumers and restaurants directly. This is Obvlo's DNA and what drives us today.
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unlocking the market.

Obvlo started at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, as a Google Sheet titled 'Secret Takeaways'. It directed people to restaurants that had started to offer (and rely on) a takeout service, but were not on delivery apps. They didn't join delivery apps because of the fees, often amounting to 30% of the customers spend.


It was unaffordable and certainly unsustainable for many.

Over the year that followed, more and more hospitality businesses adopted the technology to receive orders through their own website. Seeing the direction the world was going in, we took 'Secret Takeaways' from a simple shared Google sheet, to a full fledged app.


As the pandemic entered the rearview and food delivery, although still growing, returned to a small fraction of overall restaurant sales, we started to figure out how to apply our technology and knowledge to support the industry.

Speaking to our users across the UK, we learned that the main reason they use the app is for discovery. From hidden gems to iconic establishments, people were increasingly using our app to find new favourites. The more they did, the more data we built up, allowing us to curate a truly personal experience.

Obvlo lets consumers browse local restaurants and gives them multiple ways to order. We don't process any orders or take any bookings, so we don't take a cut. We are driven to connect consumers and restaurants, and as the connector, we don't get involved.


Our knowledge of local food markets is second to none and we generate our own revenues by driving marketing, insights, and operations in the restaurant industry. We deliver unrivalled engagement with consumers through our connected solution.

We will always be transparent and can be reached at any time.


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more than a slogan.

Unlocking the market means providing direct connections. We always prioritise the restaurants' direct ordering channel if they have one. This means consumers remain their customer. Third parties that process payments purposefully create layers to capture fees and consumer relationships that should belong to the businesses themselves.
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