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Our vision is for :
'Local knowledge on a global scale'.



We're building toward a future where anybody can go anywhere and be instantly connected to the local community, as if their host is an old friend. "

Our Story

What started as a viral Google sheet of local businesses open and taking orders during the Covid-19 pandemic evolved into AI powered platform matching consumers and restaurants based on their interests. 


What we discovered is that people yearned for ways to connect with the community in more authentic ways, rather than being driven into the same venues as everybody else.

Getting to know one place is easy, but when you look at this as a global problem, it becomes incredibly difficult. So we started to develop AI tools to build curated personalised guides for any destination.

Visiting a place is best when you have a host that knows you, like an old friend. This was what we wanted to recreate with technology. We began to partner with hotels like Virgin Hotels in Edinburgh and Kimpton in Manchester to offer their guests personalised recommendations and our satisfaction score crept up to 96% on average!

Obvlo now supports global coverage, giving travel brands dynamic content that increases engagement and removed the need to manually create local guides. One step closer to local knowledge, at global scale.

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