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About Us.



We are a collective group of natural hosts and travellers.  

We're passionate about being a host and letting our guests enjoy the places we like and rave about.

Our Story

We started life early in the pandemic as a shared Google Sheet of restaurants that started a takeout service. It has evolved into a popular mobile app designed to match consumers and restaurants, with huge uptake in UK cities and gathered up to 40,000 users in a couple of months. 

The platform we created allowed us to distill millions of restaurants, bars, takeaways and soon we were supporting more than just a takeaway app.

We learned that users were coming to our app because of the recommendations, the hidden gems, the places that locals raved about. Our app started being used for Airbnb manuals so that travellers could find out to find out what's around them.


We learned that hosts were creating spreadsheets, storing their local knowledge mentally, saving it as google map pins.


With the platform that we created in the early pandemic to the capabilities we built in the post-pandemic. We realised that the information was static, and that the support for hosts could start with us. Our platform caters on a global scale and our focus changed to empowering hosts, making hosts more equipped and more informed.  

Today, Obvlo helps hosts in all industries where hospitality is key to being a great host.

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