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We're a mission led team of hosts and travellers.



We are on a mission to bring local knowledge to a global scale.  

We believe in a future where anybody can go anywhere and be instantly connected to the local community, as if their host is an old friend.

Our Story

What started as a Google sheet of local businesses open and taking orders during the early Covid-19 pandemic evolved into a mobile app matching consumers and restaurants based on their interests. Like Spotify, but for food. We discovered that people yearned for ways to connect with their community in more authentic ways, rather than being driven into the same venues as everybody else.

Knowing this is a global problem, we developed a unique engine that uses existing POI and event data sources to build curated guides for individual people, allowing them to find the right places to visit, anywhere. Arriving in Austin, TX, for our first international launch is where we discovered this challenge was even greater for visitors.

Visiting a place and having a unique experience requires a host that knows you, like an old friend. Review and map sites show everything to everyone and prioritise those paying to be promoted. We wanted real local knowledge and so a month later we launched our digital concierge and have never looked back. We now work with best in class global travel brands, enabling them to empower guests with personalised local recommendations, building stronger relationships and loyalty and increasing satisfaction (with a 96% guest satisfaction rating!).

Our mission is to bring local knowledge to a global scale, and we’re only just getting started.

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Image by Michael Discenza
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